Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Reward Apps for Android

Unlike Apple ios devices the reward apps on android are very few , but its catching up and all major ios players and bringing up their android apps as well following the recent surge in Android phones. Here I am suggesting few android reward apps worth spending time on.


Appcasher is a reward app which lets you download sponsor apps to earn points and you can use those points to redeem giftcards like Amazon and iTunes.

1000 points is equal to 1$ amazon GC

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Click here to go directly to playstore to download appcasher app


Freemyapps also work the same way as appcasher , download sponsor apps to earn points , with which you can redeem giftcards. Freemyapps has more giftcards compared to appcasher , here you also get google playstore giftcards along with amazon.

300 points is equal to 1$ Amazon GC

Kindly use this link to download the app


Gympact is not like any other app in terms of reward and how you get it , you have to agree to a work out pact for a week , like 5 days a week or 3 days a week then you will be rewarded for completing the pact , but if you don't, there is a price to pay like a 5 or 10$ per missed day of work out. Gympact has got local gym check in (location based ) Runkeeper integration (another app) and work out anywhere option . 

Pros: You are paid through paypal , so its money not any gift cards

Cons: The price you have to pay is bit heavy if you miss a day

What I suggest you to do is try a trial week with no credit card details involved .

Use my referral code "preacDamod" to get 5$ bonus on finishing first real pact (not the trial one)

Redemption rate : You will be rewarded from 1.5$ - 2 $ a week depending on the pact you take.

Unlike appcasher and Freemyapps , appnana apart from giving you points for downloading sponsor apps , it also rewards you 400 points each day for opening the app. But the redemption rates are low compared to the above apps.

30000 points is equal to 1 $ Amazon GC

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Junowallet works similar to the other three where you have to download apps to earn points, but here you have plenty of giftcards ranging from amazon,itunes,xbox,playstation and so one.
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5. Feature Points
Feature points let you download apps and get points for the downloaded app , what different from other apps is unlike the referral program of other apps , this lets you get a share of each and every app your referred friend downloads.
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