Tuesday, October 2, 2012

How to update Sony Xperia Sola to ICS ?

As promised by Sony last week and since a year  , they started rolling out Android Ice-cream sandwich to 3 models of Xperia , Sola,U and Go.

Since the news of a possible update rolling out this week came , I was looking virtually every hour on my phone update service , but no new updates were noted till today morning. So by noon I started looking at some forums and found it has arrived to phones in my region ( India). Then I went to the Sony mobile site to look up for updates , and got what I wanted " An update is available for your device". I have not installed Sony PC companion software so I was asked to install that first, on plugging my sola to my computer.

After installing that , I backed up my phone as I am going to get ready for a major software update. Always make it a point to back up , even if its a small update.

Then I started the update process , which also prompted me for a backup , since I did that earlier it went quickly.

Update process will take time depending on your network speed , as my network is really slow , it took almost 2 hours for the whole update process.

Then you will be asked to unplug Sola from computer and switch it off , then plug in the cable pressing the volume down button , which will prompt transfer of downloaded update to the phone.

After updating , it will prompt you to unplug the cable and switch on the phone . The initial boot up will take more time than usual. No need to panic.


Now switch on your phone .

First impression and new features on ICS Xperia Sola . Click here for the video


  1. what the hell...im from India, and could'nt update it...!!!! its not showing it in my phone or on the website ir even in the PC companion...plz help

    1. am in kerala...its showing new updates are available in ma mob...u try again

  2. Hi Rishi Kaushik

    Sorry to hear that you are not getting the update .

    Kindly check this link and see if you can get

    Click on "Check for update"

  3. Replies
    1. were are you living i didn't get the update i am in kerala

    2. am in kerala i got update option

  4. When I am opening the Pc Companion it shows that Phone is already Up to Dated......but when i am opening their site there it shows the new build version of android & release date........but when i clicked on the check for updates button then it shows your xperia phone is already up to dated.........now what can i do?

  5. Sir, I also didn't get the update on checking the Xperia update center, I only got it through their website, so I request you to give one more try using pc companion and the Sony mobile website. I don't know whether they have stopped providing updates, as I find some issues in the current version, first and foremost battery is draining so fast, chrome browser is so saggy, overall performance is not that great if you ask me, so they might issue another update soon to correct this... Fingers crossed...

  6. after all me plug in the cable pressing the volume down button bt nthg happened wot to do sir? am in kerala

  7. http://androidlegend.com/update-sony-xperia-sola-mt27i-to-official-android-4-0-4-ics-firmware-6-1-1-b-1-54/