Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Do you need an iPad mini?

Apple today announced the long awaited iPad mini ( rumors of which were in air the moment they launched the first iPad)  , iPad mini comes with a 7.9inch  1024x768 display running on the Dual core A5 CPU like the iPad 2 , absence of retina display came as a disappointment for many  but can only be seen as a cost reduction method and for increasing battery life (10 hours is what they claim). iPad mini is 7.2 mm thick weighing 68 pounds considerably lighter than the big brother , also has optional LTE connectivity in addition to Wifi, also comes with 5 MP camera. Lets set aside specs for a while and consider the pros and cons of this new kid in school. Whenever a new device comes in market the first question that arises in every consumer's mind is "Do I need it?" So we will start from that.

iPad mini comes with some specialties compared to the other models of Apple. Apple has always been a standard for all others , but in the 7 inch or mini tablet category they were pushed to a corner and were compelled to introduce a model to block the growing market share of other companies , so apart from introducing a model their main aim was to capture the market share in an already existing category, which made them or forced them to shed their characteristic pricing strategy. Apple introduced the new iPad mini at a price in 300's which is a rarity and is a very aggressive price point for a company like Apple (keep in mind of the Surface pricing which was not aggressive at all).So the question of "Do I need it" will get a new dimension , when Apple introduces a tablet at a never heard price point. 

iPad mini comes at a price of 329$ for the 16GB Wifi version , 429$ and 529$ for the 32 and 64 GB respectively.

LTE version starts at 459$ for 16GB then 559$ and 659$ for 32 and 64GB respectively.

Who all will be excited with the announcement ?

Obviously, people who were eager to try their hand at  Apple tablet , and never did that before because of the  unsubsidized pricing of the iPad's earlier bigger versions , will be surely counting their dollars before Oct 26th(Pre-order starts on Oct 26th)  .

Will it pose a threat to Kindle Fire HD or Nexus?

The very aggressive pricing of iPad has every potential to topple the market share of the mini tablet category of Kindle ,Galaxy Tab and Nexus. Google  is due to introduce a carrier version of Nexus 7 , whose pricing will now surely create some waves in this category.

Do you need it?

Surely go for it - If you do not own any tablet , Apple iPad mini is a handsome buy for the holiday season , a 329$ Apple tablet is a dream come true.

Can buy one - If you own any of the first generation tablets , like Kindle Fire or Samsung galaxy tab, iPad mini is worth a try for this price.

Need not buy - If you own a iPad 2/3 or Nexus 7 or recently bought Kindle Fire HD , you can surely give this a miss as there is no compelling or new feature to try on this.

Pre- Order starts October 26th

 Pre-Order iPad mini


Friday, October 19, 2012

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

3 things to understand before updating Xperia Sola to ICS

The last 2 weeks , everyone was craving for the update of their Sony  Xperia Sola cellphone from GB to ICS , those who did not get the update even starting abusing Sony calling it Sony = $ony , and there were also rumors of a temporary stoppage of rollout of  update , but users  even now reporting of getting updates in countries like Germany(I believe I was one of the fortunate ones to get it relatively fast in India on 3rd of this month). Yes its true the update was badly executed , unlike the ios updates of Apple where they roll out the update in one go , but those crying for update must understand Sony is not the company that is rolling out update of an os every 2 months and of course Sony is trying their best to keep up the pace even for non-flagship models like Sola and U. So let me start this with thanking them for what they provided me. I am writing this for those who are yet to update their Sola to ICS , yes there are few things you need to understand and accept before updating your phone.

1.Concern of battery life

Those who have updated must be knowing this from  day one , there is a huge drain of battery on ICS compared to GB , for me on regular 2G network with data always on, the maximum I am getting is somewhere around 7-8 hours , and on 3G it drastically reduces to below 4 hours , without data on just on voice you can get upto 12 hours.

How to improve battery life?
1. Avoid the live wallpaper (cosmic flow) it is the main thing that is draining your battery , yes it looks cool , but a static wallpaper can save you some hours on charging.

2. Always close the apps after you have closed  them by long pressing the home button and swiping it away and a task manager can also help in this.

2.Not the perfect update

Those who are planning to update it must know this is not the perfect update Sony has ever released , bugs are there , from a lag while accepting call by swiping , games  getting freezed (Frontline commando),Chrome app's initial lag , bugs are there on every corner. So what I am saying is prepare to accept some bugs and lags , for me GB was a much stable android version for Sola at this moment ( I do believe Sony will update it soon to correct these bugs after this rollout is over).

3.Why do you really need ICS?

The whole important question , why do you need an update , update is always meant to be something good but in this case its not that all good , so if you are a geek who looks for everything to be new and upto-date , yes you can get the update, but for those who really do not care for the android version but just need a decent stable phone that wont crash while taking apps and accepting calls I recommend you to stick with the GB version until Sony comes up with bug fixes for this version.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

New features and first impressions of Sony Xperia Sola running on ICS

New features:

1.Glove mode
2.Recently used apps finding made easy
3.Network data consumption alert
4.Quick dial
5.Change of names of Sony apps like music, video to walkman, movies and addition of notes.
6.Developer options in settings

Bottom Line :

Though few essential updates are made like network data usage alert , chrome browser , glove mode the look and feel of Sola remains more or less the same which can be said either as a plus or as a negative if  you are not a Sony fan. A special kudos to Sony team for bringing in the update for a second set of smart phone devices , which are neither their flagship models , nor a real competition for S3 or iphone. Hope they will bring 4.1 or 4.2 update real soon.

How to update Sony Xperia Sola to ICS ?

As promised by Sony last week and since a year  , they started rolling out Android Ice-cream sandwich to 3 models of Xperia , Sola,U and Go.

Since the news of a possible update rolling out this week came , I was looking virtually every hour on my phone update service , but no new updates were noted till today morning. So by noon I started looking at some forums and found it has arrived to phones in my region ( India). Then I went to the Sony mobile site to look up for updates , and got what I wanted " An update is available for your device". I have not installed Sony PC companion software so I was asked to install that first, on plugging my sola to my computer.

After installing that , I backed up my phone as I am going to get ready for a major software update. Always make it a point to back up , even if its a small update.

Then I started the update process , which also prompted me for a backup , since I did that earlier it went quickly.

Update process will take time depending on your network speed , as my network is really slow , it took almost 2 hours for the whole update process.

Then you will be asked to unplug Sola from computer and switch it off , then plug in the cable pressing the volume down button , which will prompt transfer of downloaded update to the phone.

After updating , it will prompt you to unplug the cable and switch on the phone . The initial boot up will take more time than usual. No need to panic.


Now switch on your phone .

First impression and new features on ICS Xperia Sola . Click here for the video