Sunday, July 1, 2012

Top 5 Board Games I ever played

Board games had the unique power of bringing a whole family together around a table but as life became more complex and time became a precious commodity in this fast moving world, like every other beautiful thing in this world board games too had to move away. Below is the list of 5 board games I played with my family or  friends at some point of my life. Ranking of those is purely based on the entertainment it provided and is not a measure of quality or uniqueness of its game play. For a change lets start from the bottom

5. Game of Life

A simple game for the whole family, packed with all adversities and happiness in life this game is a sure pass time for all ages. A purely luck based game is different from other board games with respect to the board used for playing , a spinning wheel , variety of 3 dimensional objects on the board through the roads of life.


A word forming game is informative at he same time fun for the players, and playing with grown ups can surely help you to add words to your library.

3.Scotland Yard

An entertaining game for the whole family or a bunch of friends , Scotland Yard is a game where detectives  try to capture Mr.X traveling across London making use of  several  transport facilities.


If there is any game in this world which is challenging and entertaining at the same time for any age then it is chess , 64 squares with infinite possibilities, Chess is a mystery more than a game.


A game , where we learn to  own , sell , mortgage and can even become bankrupt if played without proper planning is a sure classic among board games.

There are computer version of every game I mentioned above , but the pleasure of playing a board game cannot be attained with those computer versions. 

Kindly share your favorite board game in the comments section.


  1. hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

  2. Here is good list of awesome games. I am looking for more Top board games online. If anyone one have a good list then please suggest me.