Saturday, July 21, 2012

Acquisition 15/7/2012 - 1862 Half Anna

1862 Half Anna

Weight :12.88g
Diameter : 30.5-31.30
Edge : Plain
Mint : Kolkata ( 1862 issues were struck at all these mints Mumbai ,Kolkata,Chennai)

Obverse: "Half Anna India" with date below ,all within dotted circle . Wreath surrounds

Reverse : Crowned bust facing left with legends "Queen Victoria"

There are variants based on Bust and Date

Bust A-Front of dress has 3 - 1/2 panels with no flowers on the bottom incomplete panel
Bust B-Front of dress has 4 panels with a small flower at upper left and large flower at right on bottom panel
Bust C-Front of dress has 4 - 3/4 panels with single flower in center of bottom incomplete panel.

Reverse TypeI  - Slant top 1 in date and narrow spaced "ANNA"
Reverse TypeII -Flat top 1 in date and wide spaced "ANNA"

Thursday, July 5, 2012

10 Rupee and 5 Rupee - 60 years of Parliament Commemorative Coins

RBI released 10 rupee and 5 rupee coins to commemorative 60 years of parliament. The 10 rupee coin is bimetallic and the design of both coins is similar to 60 years of Common wealth commemorative set released in 2009.

Obverse-Lion Capitol of Ashok Pillar in the centre with the legend "Satyamev Jayathe " inscribed below , flanked on the left periphery with the word " Bharat" in Devnagri script  and on the right periphery flanked with the word "India" in English also bears new rupee symbol with  denomination value  in international numerals below the lion capitol.

Reverse-  Image of Parliament in the centre with inscription "Bharat ki sansad ke 60 varsh" in Devnagri in the upper periphery and 60 years of the  Parliament of India in English in the lower periphery.The year 1952-2012 shall be inscribed above the image of Parliament house.

10 Rupee

27 mm

Outer ring - Aluminium bronze (Copper 92% , Aluminium 6% Nickel 2% )
Inner ring - Cupro Nickel (Copper 75% Nickel 25% )

5 Rupee

23 mm

Nickel Brass ( Copper 75% Zinc 20% Nickel 5% )

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

India's First 1000 Rupee Coin!!

India's first 1000 rupee coin is now available for booking in Mumabi mint SPMCIL site.

Celebrating 1000 years of Brihadeeswarar Temple Thanjavur.

2 denominations - 1000 and 5 Rupees

Picture from SPMCIL Mumbai mint

1000 Rupee coin 

 33 grams,44 mm in diameter, made of Silver (80%) Copper(20%) alloy

5 Rupee Coin 

 6grams ,23mm in diameter , made of Nickel Brass (Copper 75% Zinc 20% Nickel 5%)

For booking go to  Mumabi SPMCIL.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Bimetallic Coins of India

India's first bimetallic coin came out in 2009 of Noida mint dated 2006. Designed by National Institute of Design ,Ahmedabad.

2006 - Bimetallic 10 Rupee Unity in Diversity Coin

Outer Ring - Aluminium Bronze Inner Ring -Cupro-Nickel
Diameter - 27 mm
Weight - 7.71g

2008 - Bimetallic 10 Rupee Ter-Centenary of Gur-Ta-Gaddi of Shri Guru Granth Sahib  
(Pic Coming soon)

2008-2009 - Bimetallic 10 Rupee Homi Bhabha Birth Centenary Year

2010          - Bimetallic 10 Rupee Reserve Bank of India Platinum Jubilee

2011          - Bimetallic 10 Rupee New Rupee Sign

2012          - Bimetallic 10 Rupee 60 years of Parliament ( Pic)

Top 5 Board Games I ever played

Board games had the unique power of bringing a whole family together around a table but as life became more complex and time became a precious commodity in this fast moving world, like every other beautiful thing in this world board games too had to move away. Below is the list of 5 board games I played with my family or  friends at some point of my life. Ranking of those is purely based on the entertainment it provided and is not a measure of quality or uniqueness of its game play. For a change lets start from the bottom

5. Game of Life

A simple game for the whole family, packed with all adversities and happiness in life this game is a sure pass time for all ages. A purely luck based game is different from other board games with respect to the board used for playing , a spinning wheel , variety of 3 dimensional objects on the board through the roads of life.


A word forming game is informative at he same time fun for the players, and playing with grown ups can surely help you to add words to your library.

3.Scotland Yard

An entertaining game for the whole family or a bunch of friends , Scotland Yard is a game where detectives  try to capture Mr.X traveling across London making use of  several  transport facilities.


If there is any game in this world which is challenging and entertaining at the same time for any age then it is chess , 64 squares with infinite possibilities, Chess is a mystery more than a game.


A game , where we learn to  own , sell , mortgage and can even become bankrupt if played without proper planning is a sure classic among board games.

There are computer version of every game I mentioned above , but the pleasure of playing a board game cannot be attained with those computer versions. 

Kindly share your favorite board game in the comments section.