Thursday, June 21, 2012

Windows 8 on mobile - Now a complete mobile OS

What a week it is  turning out to be  for Microsoft , a new Windows 8 device couple of days back , now an updated OS for windows platform cellphones, someone rang an alarm bell in Microsoft. Microsoft announced a 8 platform update for their windows OS on mobile devices , also called Windows 8. Lets take those 8 updates from the announcement and review what it means to the end user, after all that is what we all care about.

1.Hardware Update

Windows 8 phones will now support multi core chips , more chips of processors , faster the device. Also the screen resolutions of Windows 8 phones will come in 3 categories 400x840 , 1280x769 both 15:9 aspect ratio and also a 1280x720 16:9 aspect ratio , what this means is a better looking ,neat phone experience to the user.

One more major hardware update has been announced , and that is much cried over memory expansion slot , Windows 8 phones will now support microsd cards.

2.New Internet explorer 10

An improved browsing experience is what Microsoft promises through this new IE10 with anti-phishing filter and java updates.

3.Native code support and shared core

Windows 8 phones will start  sharing native C and C++ codes with Windows 8 , what this means to the end user is better , graphically rich 3D games and more apps.

4.NFC(Near Field Communication) sharing

Though not a new technology , Windows 8 having NFC sharing means , data transfer either by contact or close proximity. What it means to the user is they will be able to exchange/transfer/share data with other Windows 8 devices like a Microsoft Surface or PC. Windows aims to incorporate this technology in the next update we will be mentioning.

Windows 8 phones will now feature a Wallet like facility for storing credit cards , debit cards and discount coupons , unlike google wallet , Windows 8 wallet is based on carrier sim and will utilize NFC sharing . But the downside is it will come to US only by next year.

6. Nokia maps

Windows 8 phones will now use Nokia mapping technology instead of Bing maps . Nokia maps support offline maps , turn by turn directions , but sadly no 3D maps.

7.Business ready

Windows 8 phones will offer better security making it more business friendly phone , with ability to run Office suite.

8.New Start screen

Called the sexiest of changes , Live tiles the heart and soul of Windows 8 OS, is becoming more customizable , with ability to change the size and position of each tile on the start screen , it will definitely make your Windows phone "your own".

Microsoft also announced all current Windows phone users on 7.5 will get an update 7.8 , which will incorporate some of the updates in Windows 8 like the new start screen. For a complete experience of Windows 8 , we need to wait for Nokia , Samsung and HTC to release hardware.

Bottom Line
                                                  8 major platform updates make Windows a "complete OS"  , is it a better OS than android and iOS ? That is something we need to wait till we get hands on with a device running on Windows 8. Microsoft is definitely moving in the right direction , though its a bit late , "its better to be late than never".. bringing Windows 8 experience to all devices , is something that will eventually ensure a success for Windows 8 , with desktop market declining Microsoft can no longer depend on OS sales on desktops alone , a  foot on the tablet market with Microsoft Surface , and Windows 8 running on smart phone will surely send some signals to the front runners.

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