Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to upgrade skydrive to 25gb for free?

Cloud storage has been here for a while , but most cloud storage providers keep their free limit upto 5 gb. If you are finding that free limit bit low for your photos or music collection , I have one solution for you . Microsoft gave a promotional 25gb cloud storage for a short period and they called it loyalty offer as they allowed free upgrade to 25gb for their active skydrive members signed up before 21st April 2012 , and that offer expired on 24th April. But like me ,most of the skydrive users failed to upgrade before that deadline. Happy news is that you can still do it and claim that 25 gb.

Only requirements are 

1) An active Skydrive account with atleast one file upload before 21st April 2012
2) You should ask for the offer.

After they review your account details , they will mail you back , I got the reply in 12 hours. 



Your account will look like this after the approval mail.

Kindly feel free to comment and ask doubts in the comments section.


  1. Google will only be offering 5GB, Microsoft has cut its free SkyDrive allowance from 25GB right down to 7GB. Existing users will be able to adjust their account settings to hold onto that free storage, but new users will get just 7GB.

  2. Yes , what you have said is right , but for those who signed up for skydrive and uploaded atleast 1 file before 21st April 2012 are eligible for this 25gb free account on submitting a request. All others will be getting only 7 gb free account from now on.