Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Choosing the best economic 3G data plan !

3G has been here in India for a while , but the rates where quite high for an average Indian cellphone user to afford. But during the last few days most carriers slashed their 3G plans , though its no way comparable to 2G ( and I am sure it wont be in any time soon) yet its somewhat a reasonable tariff for a smartphone user. So what I have done is compiled all major carriers and their 3G tariffs


Vodafone was the recent one to slash the tariff




Right tariff plan is for USB data card


Tata Docomo:


Comparison based on 1 GB monthly usage

So based on the comparison , tariff wise , Tata Docomo , is the best plan as its a combo plan , giving data as well as voice . 

(Most of the data is from the respective carrier sites , kindly call up their customer care for special offers and ways to recharge to avail plans)

Bottom line : Most economic plan is not always the best plan , choose a service which is economical at the same time customer friendly, with a good support.

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