Friday, June 22, 2012

Best online mobile recharge websites

Gone are the days we went to a local mobile shop to recharge our mobile , now we can do it at home from several websites, and there is also an icing on the cake most sites now give you discount coupons at various online/retail shops and services. There are a number of websites that offer online recharge , here I am trying to give you the best of them all according to me .

1.Freecharge (

Freecharge is an online mobile recharge with excellent marketing strategy , conducted contests and free recharges during IPLmatches. Apart from their marketing, they provide fast recharges good customer support and fast refunds for failed recharges.

2.Paytm (

Paytm is a neat ,organized , easy to recharge site with good discount coupons. One thing about Paytm is the superfast recharge and fast refund for failed recharges. They also have virtual wallet like feature called Paytm Cash , which can be used for recharge, also offer unlimited discount coupons for even the smallest denomination recharge. 10/10 for Service.

3.Recharge it now (

Recharge it now is another site , but the time it takes to refund a failed recharge is sometimes a hassle, it can range from 2 days to 8 days.

4.Ezrecharge (

What this recharge site offers a wallet like feature where you can recharge your account , but it will not go to your mobile until you do it manually , so what this feature promises is a quick and easy recharge at times when you are on the go to areas where it is difficult to get onto the internet or places where its difficult to find recharge agents.

Kindly share your experience with online recharge and if you know some other site that offers cool recharge discounts , kindly share it in the comments section.


  1. I have the problem to run out of call credit again and again so I am looking a for top up by phone or internet or auto top up. So any one can suggest me online top up service providers . it would be a great help to me.

    1. @Simple call ,

      You can use Skype to make calls , by using bing as search engine , you can make use of their reward prog to earn free Skype credits to call both landline and cellphone ...See my article on bing rewards (#10 in that list)

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