Wednesday, June 27, 2012

5 things that you should never keep in wallet !

Wallets are the most common source of identity theft as well as monetary loss. A survey conducted in 2009 showed these facts

So this brings us to the question what are the things that we should never keep in a wallet.

1. Debit card pin numbers

Never keep the pin number written on a piece of paper along with debit card. This is the most common mistake committed , always keep the debit card pin number in your mind and at one more place secure inside your home , never in wallet along with debit card.

2.Original identity cards 

Never keep any original identity cards like drivers license , voters card ,   PAN card (Social security number) ,  Passport. You can keep photocopies of these , as this may help you if the wallet is lost rather than stolen. Its always better to keep  personal information to minimum in wallets .

3. Any password

Never keep any sort of internet passwords written on paper inside your wallet. Though this is less harmful than debit card pin numbers , but with suitable identity information, passwords lost can be a major danger.

4.Gift cards

Never keep any kind of  gift cards in your wallet for long periods of time. Take gift cards with you only if you plan for a purchase on that day , as gift cards lost or stolen are untraceable and highly unlikely to be returned.

5. Large amount of Cash

Like gift cards , cash lost is untraceable,  so its always better to  keep small amount of cash in wallet.

Bottom line:

Wallets as mentioned is a thing which is lost and stolen often , so we must be in caution and precautions should be taken. Debit/credit cards lost should be immediately reported , for this we need to be aware of customer helpline numbers of cards and calls should be made immediately if wallet is known to be lost . Though personal information on wallets can help you to get back wallet if lost , but its always better to keep identity information to minimum in wallet , my recommendation is to  keep your cellphone number in your wallet rather than any other contact information 

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