Friday, June 29, 2012

5 Dos games which you can enjoy even now..

Games were an integral part of every home PC during the  90's , but the dawn of the new millennium shut the doors of PC gaming and opened up console  mobile device gaming. I got my first PC in 98 , it had a total memory of 2gb , which is now smaller even for a pendrive. Games that came with the PC were simple yet  engaging and I think I spent more time playing those games rather than  the new age console games.The fact is I will enjoy those games even now ,and it can be enjoyed the kids even now  if it is provided with some good graphics.Below is the list of 5 games which I played the most , they may not be the best games , but I chose them according to the time I spent on them.

1.Prince of Persia

Prince of Persia is a classic game of protagonist escaping from dungeons to save the princess held by greedy villain Jaffer. As the game consisted of 14 levels , which was supposed to be finished in 60 minutes , the famous cheat code"megahit" became handy later on. A classic game in all respects , Prince is the game I played the most.

2.Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave , featured in my school computer class PC's , so the game became a favorite and used to spend most of the time in playing Dave after the scheduled class.

3.Jones in the fast lane

Jones in the fast lane is a strategy game at the same time fun to play with family just like a board game. From getting a job to studying and acquiring degrees to stocks , Jones is a "Game of Life" on PC , features a multi-player game mode as well as challenge Jones mode , both are fun to play. I still have this game and it gives me the same feeling when I played this game some 12-13 years back.

4. Day of the tentacle

An adventure puzzle game where a Tentacle tries to take over the world , and 3 main characters time travel to prevent that from happening. A game with so many puzzles , is a  fun ride  if you enjoy solving puzzles , this game though time consuming gives you a lot  satisfaction after solving each puzzle and the characters are so hilarious.

5.Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego ( Deluxe)

A detective game , where you are assigned a case and need to travel around the world to pick clues to catch the mystery person. A fun and informative game about geography , can keep you hooked to computers for hours.

The above list is only a small bite of a big cake , you can also add to this list of wonderful games of 90's. Kindly post your favorites and much played games of that decade in the comments section.

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