Saturday, June 30, 2012

4 things you should not and should buy preowned!!

Ebay, Amazon or any other similar site is good  for selling and buying both new and used items , but a little caution can help you save some money and even more precious time. At the same time  buying preowned item in certain cases can help you to save much money , below are  a list of 4 used things that one should not and should or can buy .

Should not buy list

1.Hard Drives
Whether it is  internal or external , buying a used hard drive is always risky.There is always a certain amount of uncertainty  whether  previous owner used it roughly , whether ever he accidentally dropped it  or not. The problem with many hard drives is ,they can stop working any time , as we are buying it to save the most important data , its always better to buy a new one with warranty.Most hard drives come with 3 years warranty , spend some extra bucks on something you do not want to see stop working the next month of purchase.

As in the case with hard drives , cellphones are also meant to be used well for better life. Most cellphones these days are "smart"phones with tons of features , so there is always a chance that some or few of the functions being functionless or the life of battery can be so low after years of usage. And the most important of them all is, phones are the devices which are easily stolen , keep an eye open for those cell phones without bills.

3.DVD players
Dvd players are one device which gets functionless in short time, how many times have you come across a Dvd player which stopped working 1 month after the expiry of warranty.It is always better and wise to buy a new one as most new ones are cheap and only marginally above the price of used ones.

           Be it bike/ motorcycle helmet ,they  are life saving accessory ,        never compromise on its quality. We cannot be  sure whether the used one has ever met with a fall/impact. Most helmets wont hold on for a second or third impact.Never risk your life for few bucks always remember "No use of money without life to use it"

Should/Can buy list

Treasure of knowledge is to be shared , and books are easiest ones to share and buy. You can an save a lot of money buying used books , which otherwise are expensive at the time of launch .

2.Game/movie discs

Console games discs are expensive as heaven at the time of release , even within months their value drop , if you willing to wait for few  months to play a game or watch a movie , you can surely save money  to buy atleast 2 or 3 other discs. Renting a movie is another way of saving  few bucks , just think when was the last time you saw a movie in bluray which you when bought burned your hands with its price , the day you bought  right? After that it will be resting its expensive cover for ever..So be wise and buy only the most compelling ones.

Used cars are a good bet , if you can find the best dealer or if you can buy from a good friend.

4.Refurbished devices
Refurb devices can save you a lot of money , and the major advantage of buying a refurb item is you can be double sure of its working as it would have been tested by the company staff just like a new one and with much lower price.

Bottom line

Though there is no hard and fast rule that every item mentioned in these lists will be bad or good , but this list can help you in deciding to buy something used . And above all there is also a luck factor in every used item  purchase , choose it wisely and remember the magic line

 "Nothing in this world comes cheap or free"

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