Monday, June 25, 2012

3 things to understand before buying an Android device

Android devices have been  here for the last 3 years and during the last 2 years , it gained immense popularity , with majority of smartphones running on Android and tablet share of android OS closing on the market leader Apple iOS.

Tablet Share of OS - iOS leading as of
                                 June 2012

Smart phone market with a huge leap by android during the last 2 years.

       There are several factors for this huge acceptance of android , a complete customization freedom to owners , price range, popularity of touch screen mobile devices and fall of some old giants in the mobile market like Nokia , Blackberry. But there are certain things you need to understand before jumping on to an android device.

1. Security Concerns

Android is an open source platform , with complete freedom to developers to build "apps" (applications) , what this means is any developer can develop an app for android , and can be placed in Google play . This put  users at risk of malware , loss of privacy , location data , loss of data, that necessitates the use of some back up program . In iOS there is  cloud sync and desktop sync , but android does not have a native program for that. So it is our responsibility to be cautious when downloading any app;  always secure your data , back up , install anti malware app, and above all read what you are sharing with an app when you download from Google play.

2. Firmware updates 

Android has undergone firmware updates 6 times during the last 3 years , so keeping up with the latest version is always a hassle. The last update Ice cream sandwich that came out more than 8 months is present only in 7% of Android devices .

Another update is expected in  the coming weeks named Jelly Bean.So when buying any android device which runs on an older version , it is important to make sure that you are eligible for an os update , otherwise you will be tied to an old OS forever.

3. Carrier Video Call

Most android devices do not give you the feature of carrier video calls , even if you have a front camera. We can do video calls on third party apps like Skype , fring ,Tango but regular carrier video calling facility is absent in most android smartphones except few high end Samsung Galaxy S series. So if you are buying an android smart phone for video calling on your carrier , kindly go through the specs or even contact the company before buying the phone.

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