Saturday, May 19, 2012

How to use freemyapps in India?

When was the last time you wished to play angrybirds full version without paying a cent , or taking some pics and editing it in iphoto for free?? ...yes ,that dream can come true ...believe me .What google play is for android is what itunes app store for Apple's iOS , but there is slight difference , more than 90% of apps in google play is free where as the number of free apps is comparatively less in Apple's appstore. That must be the reasoning behind the website freemyapps , which is the key for making our dreams a reality.Freemyapps is worth a try for those who long to get  paid/adfree games and apps for free  , what freemyapps does is reward us with credits when we download sponsor apps and try it for 30 seconds and that credits can be used to purchase paid apps in apple appstore (those paid apps listed on freemyapps gift app section). But there is a catch , its available only for US customers .Any apple id can be used for downloading sponsor apps and we will be rewarded with credits , but only US apple ids can be used to redeem those credits .

So how can Indians or other nationalities make use of this ??

I have a solution for this ...

Step 1: When you try to redeem credits for a paid app from a non-US apple id , you will get a gift code before you get the error message,which is actually an itunes store gift code for that app...write it down on a piece of paper and keep it safe.

Step 2: Now take itunes on your computer , sign out of your account , take US region itunes , now try to download a free app , you will be prompted to create a new apple id create Apple ID

Step 3 : What you will be creating is a US apple id , and choose payment option as "none" , and put some US address(as long as you are downloading only free apps ,this will not be problem) and complete the registration.

Step 4: After creating the new US apple id , sign in to it , now try to download the paid app for which you have the gift code , and when prompted type in the code , it will start downloading to your itunes.

Step 5: Sync  itunes with your ipad/iphone 

Now enjoy paid apps for free ....

(Kindly post your doubts in the comments section , I will be glad to answer it)