Sunday, March 4, 2012

Using Kindle Fire in India

Kindle Fire, the 199$ tablet from Amazon is a perfect ebook reader than a tablet you can also say it is a "ebook reader plus". Tablet has been so synonymous with ipad for the last 3 years or so , until Samsung gave a shot at ipad with Galaxy "tabs" on an android platform. Then and there starting the race for the second position , actually the first is a sealed place even now.

I longed for a tablet ever since I used ipad of my father , its a great experience, a perfect companion on any boring journey or tour. Is it a replacement to laptop or netbook? No, not in any serious lines , but can cater to most of laptop's or netbook's use. So I ordered a Kindle from Amazon and gave shipping address to my family friend who was planning a return from US after his visit.

I was really excited to get the kindle in my hands when he returned from US , and my first impression of the fire was - smaller than I thought. During the next few weeks I explored the possibilities and potentials of this tablet. How did I do that? Read 2 books on it....experience was mind blowing, kindle is a perfect ebook reader even though its lcd and not eink , never felt a strain in my eyes. Next test was on surfing , its a wifi only machine so the possibility of using kindle fire outside your wifi enabled home is pretty much limited in India where wifi hotspots are rare to find. As most android tabs relay on apps of android market , though its built on an android platform , its streamlined by Amazon so market place is not available but there is app store by Amazon where you can get most of the apps, but then came my biggest disappointment app store is restricted to US customers only...What does that mean..You cannot download even free apps from amazon. So that prompted me to explore any way out of this mess, and finally got some relief when I understood I can use third party applications to download android apps from sites like mobile opera store,getjar..but the list of apps is very limited.

But apart from the app store disappointment , its a cute little machine that can excite you with its book reader functionality is it worth 199$ ... I will say Yes, if you cannot afford an ipad.

(If you have any doubts regarding its working and usage in India, feel free to ask me)

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