Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Do you really need iPad 3 or the "new iPad"?

iPad 3 was announced yesterday , Apple followed the  tradition of bringing up a new iPad every year? But my question is , A bit early?

Lets see the improvements in the new version which Apple calls the "new iPad" instead of iPad3  for reasons unknown. Major 2 advancements are in the display and connectivity category , introducing a retina display which was previously introduced in  iphone and bringing it to a larger 9.7" screen is a commendable job,   and the screen resolution jumped from  1024x 768  pixels to 2048-by-1536-pixel doubling the pixel density also. The next major advancement is introduction of 4G services to connectivity, this time also Apple partners with AT&T and Verizon . Next though not an advancement , a major improvement from the previous iPad comes in the form of a 5MP camera , finally ending the Apple's blind eye to camera in iPads.Apple also introduced a quad core graphics to the A5 processor , the performance improvement is yet to be analyzed to comment anything on any significant improvement in performance .A change also took place in dimensions as well ,with 50g  and 0.6mm increase in weight and thickness.

After going through  the specs my question  is why should I buy this? Now I am very much happy with my iPad 2 and its performance . Are these advancements good enough to convince buyers to throw away their iPad 2 which is just an year old and get this 600$ new one?

Now lets focus on why we dont need this iPad?

Most guys reading this will be owning an iPad2 or older iPad, a year or two for an electronic item would have been a long time , if this was not Apple , but in the case of Apple, iPad is  way ahead and a superior machine. apple should have timed their release a bit later , 2 year period would have been ideal. Take the case of PS3 , that machine is a gem , Sony did not bring out PS4 even after 4 year , only thing they improved was to slim down the console. They knew their machine is top notch , and it will be hard for them to get customers sell their PS3 and get PS4 without major major improvements both in performance and looks. Apple "new iPad" comes with same old good look , I consider that a bit more on the safer side , as they dont want to lose their Apple loyals. A 4G connectivity and superior display will not tempt most customers , atleast iPad2 customers to get "new iPad". In my opinion this iPad will not create that much enthusiasm in people , as iPad2 transition from iPad. This scenario of "new iPad" launch is pretty similar to launching iPhone 4S , only people who dont have ipad or old ipad customers will be queuing in front of an Apple store for the "new ipad"

Bottom line : iPad 2 owners please wait for an year , old first gen  iPad users can try out this one, new customers grab this  most advanced tablet on the planet if you have money other wise its the right time to buy iPad 2 as they dropped prices.

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  1. bad example with the ps3 though, the ps3 is nowhere near a new console update, sony hasnt made their investment back on the ps3, both consoles are in a long life cycle for now, microsoft bled money with the 360 rrod distaster 3-4 years back and took 3 years to design a model solves the orginal models issues with overheating