Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Speed Post - A facility under utilized

Speed post is a postal service provided by the India Post which is the public postal service of India , aimed at providing a faster delivery. It was first launched in 1986 , but many of you might be thinking why I am writing about this , the answer is, still it remains an under utilized service. It provides shipping of both documents as well as parcel at almost down bottom rates

You can send any item within India at a cost of just 25 rupees , if the weight is less than 50 grams

The other rates are as follows

Given below are the revised Speed Post rates effective 11th June 2007


Upto 200 km

201 to 1000 km

1001 to 2000 km

Above 2000 km

Upto 50 grams
INR  12

INR  25

INR  25

INR  25

INR  25

51 to 200 grams
INR  20

INR  25

INR  30

INR  50

INR  60

201 to 500 grams
INR  20

INR  40

INR  45

INR  70

INR  80

Additional 500 grams or part thereof
INR  5

INR  7.50

INR  15

INR  30

INR  40

One other advantage of speed post is that you can track the post either through sms or through the India Post website .  I have tracked my sent items and let me tell you this  facility  works fine.

Or you can Sms SP<speed post number> to 55352  to track

New tracking page of India Post Speed Post

Now Indiapost has updated their website giving it a fresh and organized look

One advantage most people say about another service of India post called Registered mail service is security, speed post also provides compensation not only for a loss/ theft of the sent item , but also will compensate for a delayed delivery of the item( but I am not sure whether this will be dealt easily as they say )

So my humble request to those who sent items through private courier services is, try to use our own public mail service, which works really fine at a cost incomparable to private courier services...enjoy speed post...

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