Tuesday, September 27, 2011

iPad with BSNL 3G

Many of you thinking to buy iPad will be worried about its usage in India and more so with the 3G network..

Is it possible to buy Ipad from US and use in India? Yes , very much ...

Is it possible to use iPad 3G sold in US in India? Yes, but with a 3G sim sold in India like BSNL 3G (one more you need to buy iPad with AT&T 3G , the T mobile version is CDMA , so no sim card slot)

Ok , so the big 2 questions are over...now ...how to do it?

Lets start with the preparations to use 3G Ipad

1) Buy a BSNL 3G sim (180 rupees , which includes the sim card charge(Rs 59) as well as basic "3G special" plan(Rs 120)..)and put in a mobile..

2)Wait for activation of sim which usually takes  4 hours to a day time , dial 123 and find out whether activated , if they say the balance and validity then yes , you are ready to go... validity of plan will be 180 days...and free net usage of 200MB which should be used within 30 days of activation

3)Now after activation , you need to make your 3G sim usable in Ipad ...how??for that you need to make the regular sim, a micro sim...  you need to take out the sim that came with Ipad, using the sim extractor provided by iPad and cut the Bsnl 3G sim using scissors exactly like  AT&T micro sim , so that it fits to the sim tray of iPad.

4)Now after putting the sim , go to Settings>Cellular data> and move the slider to ON..

Yes that's it...you are ready to fly

It will automatically select 3G if your location has 3G signal, otherwise it will go back to Edge signal.

As already told Bsnl 3G special plan comes with 200 MB free net usage , but kindly keep track of the usage as it can finish so fast , to check your usage go to Settings>General>Usage

After the free usage is over , you need to recharge , for that kindly put the micro sim back in any mobile and do the recharge, with little effort you can fit the micro sim in  sim card slot of any mobile...

There are so many 3G prepaid plans available

3G Prepaid Data Plan

     My speedtest showed this on using 2g sim on iPad in an area with 3g coverage

(Usually a  3g sim with 3g network will give you 0.6-0.8 Mb/s )

2g prepaid plans :

Important: It is not possible to recharge a 3G sim with 2G data plans

If you remember BSNL was offering iPad postpaid plans at Rs. 999 and prepaid Data RCV with Rs. 999, Rs. 599 and Rs99 which are now withdrawn.

New Bsnl Tablet Plans effective from Nov 1st 2011

Pan India 3G mobile service operator Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) today revised its ipad 3G data plans. Now all Unlimited 3G Data Plans for Apple Devices are withdrawn and new limited plans introduced which will be effective from 1st November 2011.

Now the the cost of BSNL Micro SIM Kit and activation cost for prepaid will be Rs. 30 where as on postpaid it will be Rs100.On activation BSNL will offer free usage of 200 MB which will have a validity of 30 days for prepaid users.

The new revised BSNL tablet 3G data plans .

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