Monday, July 4, 2011

Privacy on internet - an unattainable reality !

It all started with sharing information for military purpose,where secrecy was the top most priority but now it has reached to a stage where we can even be traced to a specific location in this world if we send any update through internet.Yes, I am talking about much feared word nowadays internet privacy.

                                          Within few days google will roll out their new version of social networking site called google+ with much improvements in organizing your friends in virtual world as well as opportunity to interact with new people through video chat called "hangouts".Many consider google+ as a potential Facebook killer, let the questions whether we need a social networking site set apart, most people now fear about what is called privacy in virtual world.First of all what is privacy in internet, by my reckoning what most people consider privacy is they must be able to survive in this virtual world without being noticed , or by least number of people.This can be the simplest way to put privacy without going to complex definitions, and things about credit card details, bank accounts and much personal data. But this basic definition will be lost if we sign up in any social networking site, I know you will not believe me if I say this right away.Suppose you are a member of social networking site(99.999% probability) just type your name in any search engine,it will direct you to your social networking site profile and if you search by images you can even see your picture.If you still don't believe me you can try this while reading this blog ,results will come in .013 seconds in your search engine.So where is your privacy level in this world of information explosion.Things will really get bad if you use any third-party application in social networking sites, as it will come up directly if you post anything on their social networking page.

So next question most people will ask is then what they should do? Answer is really simple never disclose anything on internet that you will never disclose to a friend in presence of a  stranger.Internet is like a stranger or rather invisible stranger hearing all your conversations with your friend, he may use that information in any form to another stranger.Keep all private information to email,phone and most importantly person to person talks.

So people  beware privacy is just a false impression in this virtual world,most rightly the price that we have to pay for tons of information we gain each day from internet.


  1. Where there is a will there is a way...........

  2. Where there is a will there is a way...........

  3. Sir,plz explain the will and way?

  4. Its so simple...Very easy job...U start a Website N u Monitor it ....Set privacy according to u...then u get 100% satisfaction..If u have will... u wilkl get way